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Internships and Tranings

Loughborough University, UK -  Summer Internship, June – July 2016

Designed and developed a product prototype for Hydro-dynamically Assisted Optical Detection Platform for On-line Sterility Assurance, spearheaded the electronics facet including optical sensing circuitry and corresponding GUI

IIT-Bombay, Mumbai - Winter Internship, Jan-2016

Implemented a close loop buck converter using D-Space (DS1103) and Texas Instrument’s Hercules TMS570 digital signal processor, where the parameters were changed online

Maker’s Asylum, Delhi - Winter Training, Dec - 2015

Transformed a wheelchair such that its motion is controlled via eye movement codification (Electrooculography) and it has the ability of judging the feasibility of a movement using 3D-mapping reconstruction feature of a Microsoft Kinect

IIT-Bombay, Mumbai - Summer Internship, June - 2015

Implemented a microcontroller based web server for dc motor speed control, to encourage the concept of virtual labs wherein people with no access to well-furnished labs can also access costly equipment

HELLA Electronics, Gurgaon - Industrial Training, July - 2015    

Worked in an SMT plant, explored the whole SMD process and learned about the current industry standards in chip manufacture. Attained knowledge on CIPOS, APS technologies and presented a product study on headlamp level actuators

SRDTU, DTU - Winter Training, Dec - 2013 

Built a led cube controlled via TV remote, development board based on (At Mega 328P) and Bluetooth controlled Bots, gained extensive knowledge on basic electronic components and learned to program in Embedded C (AVR programming)