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Interests and Activities

  • Avid participator in various competitions throughout school, won competitions in group singing, oil painting, essay writing, science quizzes, coding competitions and many more
  • Asking the right questions at the right time is one of my key strengths, making me a suitable interjector
  • I take mathematics and computer science tuition in my locality and I am also a certified electrical and electronics engineering online tutor at, since teaching gives me satisfaction
  • Playing piano and playing badminton, both help me rejuvenate and relieve stress
  • Volunteered to work for SOS Children’s Villages of India – NGO that works to help the homeless children
  • Volunteered to help Indian Development Foundation by gathering funds locally to support the “Leprosy Eradication Drive” and “Resource Mobilization for Humanitarian Cause”
  • Worked as an active Eco – Club member (affiliated to the Ministry of Environment, India) throughout my middle school and high school, to spread awareness on environmental issues
  • Took part in the INSPIRE Science Camp organized by Bhaskaracharya College of Applied sciences to acquire knowledge regarding the current research trends in science and also promote higher education in science
  • Education for the underprivileged and women is an issue that concerns me and makes me willing to work and improve the current situation