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Awards and Achievements


NASA’s Space Apps Challenge - Runner’s Up, April 2015

Project Glove Above, where we added sensor functionalities to an astronaut gloves -

  • Finger movement was used to simulate an invisible piano
  • Visual aid was included to display important messages when communication between the astronauts is shot
Troika – IEEE, DTU: Brainwave - 1st (Winners), March 2015

Created an LED based electronic sand clock without any microcontroller, the highlight was the use of a toffee box instead of an accelerometer or tilt sensor, reducing its cost considerably

Troika – IEEE, DTU:  Stark Reality - 2nd Position, March 2015

Problem statement based event, built a high speed line following robot with PID control, capable of detecting the maze lasers and also deactivating them by focusing its own laser onto the maze detectors


Computation Structures 1: Digital Circuits: By MIT on

Topics: Basics of Information, Digital Abstraction; CMOS, Combinational Logic; Sequential Logic, Finite-state Machines; Performance Measures, Design Tradeoffs

Computation Structures 2: Computer Architecture: By MIT on

Topics: Designing an Instruction Set; Assembly Language; Compilers, Procedures and Stacks; Building the Beta; Memory Hierarchy, Hardware Caches

Nand2Tetris - By Hebrew University on

Topics: Boolean Logic & Arithmetic; Sequential Logic; Machine Language; Computer Architecture; Assembler; VM I: Stack Arithmetic; VM II: Program Control; High-Level Language; Compiler I: Syntax Analysis; Compiler II: Code Generation; Operating System

Circuit and Electronics 1: Basic Circuit Analysis: By MIT on

Topics: Resistive elements and networks; Independent and dependent sources; Linearity, superposition, Thevenin & Norton methods; Digital abstraction, Combinational gates; MOSFET switches and small signal analysis

Circuit and Electronics 3: Applications - By MIT on

Topics: Dynamics of second‐order networks; Design in the time and frequency domains; Analog and digital circuits and applications