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Academic Projects

FTCC-Solar Emulator (Ongoing) - Major Thesis, 7th & 8th Semester

Lead for the team working on application of soft computing techniques to improve conventional solar emulators, specific focus is on using artificial neural networks, and fuzzy logic, and implement them on an FPGA

Corsid (Wireless Storage) - Minor Thesis - II, 6th Semester

Designed and created a wireless storage device prototype with encrypted wireless data transfer and data off-loading feature using an ESP8266, no microcontroller usage needed me to rewrite the firmware of chip to cater our needs

Smart Safe-wear Minor Thesis - I, 5th Semester

Engineered a safety helmet by incorporating GPS and GSM capabilities - a shock triggers the helmet and sends the GPS location to close ones as messages; Separate GSM chip eliminates the need for taking out the phone, saving time that can be crucial in saving people’s lives

Home Automation - Term Paper - II, 4th Semester

Developed hardware for controlling the general home appliances wirelessly via smartphones, using Bluetooth connectivity to send signals to the appliances and mechanical relays as switches, a step towards smart homes

Electronic Ping-Pong - Term Paper - I, 3rd Semester

Built hardware for an electronic version of the classic pong game using a LED matrix as a screen to display ball’s current position and potentiometers to simulate the positional controller for the paddles